Office address

We take care of providing you with a representative office in your name, with mail forwarding, telephone answering and white label company representation

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Local recruitment

Tell us your staffing needs and we can help find the best talent to help you grow. From temporary staff for exhibitions to permanent company representatives that can help grow your business. We will take care of everything

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Accounting & Payments

We will help you operate your UK company in the most tax-efficient way. We can even help you set up bank account and handle payments for you

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Representative office, branch or subsidiary

For international firms wishing to establish a UK presence, you are certainly in the right place! We help companies grow businesses in the UK by helping them provide a UK presence BUT without the associated costs. No matter the nature of your business if you look to expand to the UK we can offer our help. We work with a range of companies from start-ups to established brands that look for an efficient, cost-effective way to achive a UK presence.


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